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Hello there, I hope you’re doing rough and tough with having a healthy immunity rich body. Do you know about immunity? Why do we need this? How to increase immunity through exercise? How to build strong immunity in 2022?
I am sure that you have heard a lot about this word during the pandemic. Many organizations and Health experts were talking about immunity in the horrible era of the latest pandemic created by Covid-19. Some of the phases of this pandemic have passed, but the experts are saying that it’ll last long until the quarter months of 2022.

Now the question is why having a good immunity rich body is so important? The answer is simple, if you’re having good immunity, the virus will not be able to attack your body because your body will defend itself, and your whole nervous system will be immune to the virus attacks. The biggest benefit is you don’t need to pass the days of your life in hospitals without having your loved ones near you.
I’m sure you don’t wanna go to hospitals and leave your loved ones behind, do you?
Well, there is only one way to keep your body protected from the virus, to make your immune system strong so that it can defend itself.

There are many ways to strengthen your immune system, but people prefer a healthy diet and good exercise. We will be talking about good exercises that strengthen your immune system, but don’t worry you can check out our Healthy Life blog, to make your immune system strong through a well-planned diet plan according to seasons that are called Ritucharya.

Build Strong Immunity through Exercise

Now, the second one is immunity through exercises, I hope you have heard a lot about Yoga & Exercises, India is the origin country of Yoga, and we all are proud of that. So, what are the different types of exercises we should do to make our immunity strong?
We are including the 5 best exercises in 2022 that’ll help you to make your nervous system immune to virus attacks.

  1. Walking: – Regularly walking 30 – minutes can be the key element in boosting your immune system because it increases the amount of leukocytes. Leukocytes are the immune system cells that fights infections and colds. A regular short walk of the length of our lunch break is enough to keep our immunity functioning like it should.

There are mainly 2 types of walking and sometimes people think that walking and running are the same, but there’s a vast difference between walking and running. Let’s differentiate between walking and running.

immunity through walking, build strong immunity

• Speed Walking: – When you walk 3mph or greater, at a brisk pace. With the brisk pace or you can say speed walking you can burn more calories than usual pace, and your heart rate is elevated during speed walking.

• Power Walking: – When you walk from 3mph to 5mph, it’s considered power walking. Power walking burns the same calories as running for an equal time being. Some power walkers can achieve the speed of 7mph, but above than this is included in the running.

• Pace Training: – Most of the expert advice for pace training, in this exercise we increase our speed for two minutes and then slow back down. It’s the most effective workout, speed walking for two minutes, and then walking at the usual paces. Speed walking doesn’t burn equal calories as running, but it’s the best work to elevate our heart rate, boost our mood, and improve aerobic fitness.

  1. Aerobic Exercises: – Aerobic exercises are done by both seniors as well as youngsters, for seniors, water aerobics are preferred as they are low impact, but still provide good boost to the immunity.

Aerobics exercises help in burning weights and keeping our heart healthy. This decreases our risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. When we perform any aerobics exercises, it increases our body temperature that helps to kill infections in the body.

Along with this, the number of fat cells in the body decreases, the result the amount of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body decreases, and this reduces tissue damage and the risk of infections. In this way, aerobics impart a big role in boosting our immune system or immunity.

  1. Strength Training: – Do you lift weight sometimes in a day? Of course, you do, what happens when you lift weight? Well, it’s the most used form of exercise now-a-days. We see youngsters building biceps, and muscles, but it is definitely more than just a way to beef up our arms. It imparts a big role in strengthening our immunity and keeping us safe from virus attacks.

Strength training pushes our body in a way that is not natural, but by this Glutamine is produced. Glutamine is one of the amino acids that many cells in our immune system thrive off. Muscles are a good storage unit for proteins, proteins are compounds made up of amino acids. Proteins help the body in producing antibodies and white blood cells. Anti-bodies and white blood cells combat virus attacks and keep our body safe from disease, so an increased amount of these strengthen our immune system.

Strength training exercises include squats, biceps curls, and chest press using weight. When we live weight and perform strength training it increases blood flow throughout our body and relieve us from stress, improving our immune system.

  1. Rebounding: – Want to have fun while exercising then it’s the best fit you can pick up. Because of the fun with exercise it’s the best workout routines to drain our lymphatic system, and detoxify our body.

This can also be a boon who don’t want to keep away the exercise from their normal routine but want to opt for easier activity. It can be a great alternative to indoor exercise in cooler months.

  1. Yoga: – Yoga is the most famous and the oldest form of exercises, and it imparts a big role in keeping our mind and body in top form. All the form of exercises have originated from Yoga. We all are aware that India is the origin of Yoga. We, here at Fitness and More provide the facility to become a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance International. We provide 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour yoga teacher training course. After completing the courses anyone can become a master of Yoga, and can teach yoga.
build strong immunity through yoga, yoga

Now, the question is how yoga helps our immune system and keep us safe from illness?
Our lymphatic system helps our immune system to be in top form, it’s made up of different types of glands.

Yoga filters and destroys foreign contaminants produce antibodies and create the proper amount of lymphatic cells that are necessary for our body. Yoga keeps all things in perfect motion. It’s found in the studies that, for the faster lymph movement deep breathing is the most appropriate method.

Yoga includes meditation and deep breathing that helps our lymphatic system is running smoothly. Yoga focuses on both mind and body, so it is the most effective way to relieve stress than any other available exercise. The reason behind this is that while we perform any Yogic exercise our body and mind works in coordination, and this coordination helps them to work in top form. Thus, Yoga is the most effective and best way to improve our immune system.

In conclusion, Regular exercise and a good diet plan filled with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamin c supplements, and adequate sleep help our immune system to fight viruses and keep us safe from sickness. These exercises also boost our mood by releasing endorphins to brighten our day.

Want to know more about healthy routines, workouts, diet plans, and tips to keep your body, and mentally fit then visit our blog.