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Corporate Wellness Program


What is corporate wellness program?

A safe and healthy workplace is the most essential element for a high-performing team.                                                                There is an intimate & hierarchical relationship between health and performance. Fit employees enhance productivity at work which in turn enhances competitiveness,  competitiveness increases personal development and prosperity. 

Yoga is complete in every aspect because it touches every aspect of human life. It is a complete science, a complete lifestyle, a complete medication system, and above all, a complete spiritual insight. It’s a complete program of boosting mind-body health and minimizing personal and organizational challenges.

Objectives of Corporate Wellness Program

Some of the objectives of the Corporate Wellness Program are as follows:-

    • To enhance creativity and personal effectiveness.
    • To rid off stress, unrest, ignorance, anxiety, and negative thinking.
    • Increase deeper interest to face challenging problems.
    • Recover quickly from failures.

Key Benefits of Corporate Wellness Program

  • Control of body movements, and capacity to physically handle objects.
  • Ability to identify, assess and control emotions of oneself and of others. 
  • It’s boosting mind-body health and minimizing personal and organizational challenges.
  • Balance of the doshas, Agni, dhâtus, and malas, with a pleasant (clear) self, mind, and senses.
  • Uniting the individual consciousness with supreme consciousness.
  • Heal specific problems, such as eliminating impurities in the organs (doshas) or energy centers (chakras) and channels (nâdîs) of the body