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Exercising these days has become a fad and is limited to certain photos and resolutions on social media.

Research says that 95% of the New Year resolutions are related to fitness but sadly just in a matter of 3 months only 10% of them will last.

Are you one of those who are missing out on all the other superb benefits which are there in fitness???

Exercising is not just about losing weight and building endurance. It’s a life-changing habit that every one of us should cultivate and promote. 

Well everybody knows that through fitness and exercising you can easily fit into old clothes and flaunt yourself but there are also other benefits to it. Do you know what other things change in you and your body?

Let the exploration begin!!!!

1. Higher Self – Esteem & Confidence 

Exercising long-term is the key here. People who are regularly into fitness are recorded to be more body confident than the resolution types of gym-goers.

Exercising for the short term enhances your mood but doing the same for the long term will give a sense of great accomplishment on your body abilities and physique. Working out regularly requires sincere dedication, commitment, and care for oneself, and all this facilitates enormous feelings of confidence.

Especially aerobics exercises are great for enhancing your confidence to start with and you can easily pursue anytime fitness through 20 minutes of walking every day. 

2. Improves Productivity 

One of the best ways to de-clutter the mind is by exercising. Exercising makes you want to push your limits to try and achieve more and unknowingly this applies to all other fields we work in.

By doing so very often what you thought was a major problem just vanishes without a trace.

Exercising leads to increased focus and quality of work.

3. Better Mental Health 

The release of happy hormones in the body while exercising is known to reduce negative emotions. People who are into exercising are more social compared to the ones who do nothing for physical fitness. 

This creates opportunities for social support and connections with others. Being a group of people of a similar mindset is known to improve mental health.

4. Lowers Stress and anxiety

Exercising releases feel-good hormones in the body and another natural brain chemical that gives a sense of well-being.  This takes the mind off negative thoughts which feed depression, stress, and anxiety.

Any physical activity or exercise may give you the chance to socialize with others. Exchanging a friendly greeting as you walk around your neighbourhood can help your mood and give a sense of belonging.

5. Better Sleep 

Exercising regularizes the sleep cycle. People who are regular with exercises are usually in the early to bed and early to rise category. 

This puts the circadian rhythm (our internal body clock) in sync with the natural day and night cycle promoting good sleep. 

Good sleep is vital for body detoxification and healthy skin. This also promotes health and fitness. 

6. Brain Boost 

Exercising increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Physical activity of any sort encourages the production of hormones which helps in the production of cells in the hippocampus, part of the brain which controls memory and learning. 

This results in increased concentration levels and cognitive skills. 

7. More Energy 

Most of the people who are not regularly into fitness/ exercising of any sort feel fatigued and may become burdened by their own weight even if they are in the right weight range. 

Exercising increases the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. When we exercise our blood flow is increased which carries oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, when this happens automatically you feel more energy and endurance.

Since this energy is from within, people experiencing these organic higher energy levels are also more likely to make healthy eating and nutritional choices.

8. Good for Muscles and Bones 

Exercising and physical activity plays an important role in maintaining and building strong muscle and bones. Exercising releases hormones that promote the absorption of amino into your muscles which leads to better muscle growth and strength. 

Being into physical fitness from an early age avoids loss of muscle mass and its functionality hence decreasing the risk of injury in old age and related issues such as osteoporosis.

This helps in building strong muscles and ligaments which reduces the risk of lower back and joint pain by keeping the alignment right.

9. Enhances immune system 

These days there is not much chance you can do to improve your immune system other than through good food and physical activity. 

In a day and age where autoimmune disorders are common, exercising forms an excellent way to fight back bad and weak immune systems. 

Wondering how?

Exercising increases the flush of bacteria out of lungs and causes changes in antibodies and WBC (White Blood Cells) and along with the increased blood flow in the body even WBC s flow to most parts of the body resulting in early detection of illness even before it advances.

The rise in the body temperature during and after exercise may prevent bacteria and other pathogens from growing.

Until so far many things have been discussed about the benefits of physical activity and exercising but several readers still wonder what the difference between these two is!!!

Physical activity at a very basic level means movement of the body that uses muscles and expends energy.

Whereas, exercising is a more structured and intentional movement of the body towards building endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility of the body. 

It’s never too late to hone up any skill and be a better version of ourselves. 

The prime cords for a happy life are a healthy body, mind, and soul. 

Here at Fitness & More,  we strive to create an environment that not only makes you a physically fit person but also mentally strong. 

Hope you enjoyed this small holistic presentation of the overall benefits of exercising in brief. If so we would love to hear your comments in the section below.

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